Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farting Grandpa helps explain science to small child.

Me: You know old boy the earth is made from solids, gases, and liquids.

Charlie: Lick-Quods?

Me: Yes, like water. And solids like this bed.

I knocked the wood three times to show him that it was in fact, solid.

I pulled out my laptop and found this site.
An easy way to explain the concept to kids is to say that the main difference between the two states of matter is that solids do not change shape when “poured” into another container and liquids do. This seemed to make sense to him as evidenced by his pause.

Charlie: And oxygen is like a gas?

Me: Yeah kid, just like when you breathe. Air is a gas and gases are invisible.

Charlie: So you don’t see them?

Me: Right.

Charlie: How you know that they are there?

Me: Is Grandpa Jim still here?

Charlie: Yeah.

Me: Go sit by him for like 5 minutes.


Matt said...

nice post. are your boys twins?
Matt (father of two-year-old twin girls)

Godless Sunday said...

Nope. Not twins just little replicates. I've read that between two parents there are over 75 million variations for their offspring (gentically speaking). The potential combinations between any one pair bond are mind boggling.

All evidence to the contrary in my case.

Thanks Matt!