Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fowl Fossil

I took Charlie and his friend Riley to the Museum of Natural History today. The kids seemed to really enjoy it even though my throat is sore from all the growling. I jumped out from behind walls just to scare them. At one point, I mimicked a giant Terradactyl (I do things like this just to illustrate my point, be grateful you’re not married to me). I flapped my arms up and down and screeched like Yoda caught in a blender. I looked over to find a young mother pointing to her purse while mouthing the word VALIUM.

You’d think the boys would catch on after awhile like, Oh, she disappeared again, huh, there’s a wall over there! I bet she’s hiding behind it! But, no. They never did. If only Darwin could see us now, would he have converted to Christianity?

While we were there, I made them spend an extra amount of time at the latest exhibit called The Origin of Flight. The exhibit came here all the way from China where they recently discovered dinosaurs, with wings! This appears to indicate that the modern day bird has an stronger link with these prehistoric creatures than previously thought. Viva La Evolution!

Did dinosaurs turn into birds?

Before today the oldest thing Charlie had seen was Grandpa Jim. However, after close observation I think Charlie would conclude that the fossils smiled more. How scary must it have been to be out in the great wide open and have these enormous beasts circling the sky? It’s a bird! No, It’s a plane! No, it’s a giant turkey?!? They were so huge, so feathered, so ferocious, and yet so fowl!

Giant Prehistoric Turkey

I let the boys buy a miniature toy dinosaur to take home as a souvenir. They played with their reptiles the entire drive home. It was magic. Well, almost.

Riley: My dinosaur is gonna buck your dinosaur right off!

Charlie: Na-Uh! My dinosaur is gonna buck YOUR dinosaur right out the window!

Riley: Well, my dinosaur can buck your dinosaur right into outer space!

Charlie: Silent.

Riley: Yeah, my dinosaur can buck YOUR dinosaur into the next galaxy.

Charlie: Mommy! Tell Riley to stop sayin’ that.

Me: Don’t worry about it Charlie.

Charlie: But Mom.

Me: Just relax.

Charlie: But Mom!

Me: Listen, there is no buckin way that a rhinoceros could buck with a T-Rex. Okay, so drop it.