Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Godless Girl and Seed Mother: A Likely Story

Seedmother: So this new “valley girl” speech pattern found on the blog you sent Here:
"And I'm, like, a pretty positive person?" really bothers me. The basic thought is "I'm a person." But she can't quite say that. She's like. Like what? Does she mean she's not a positive person, she's just like a positive person. If so, she should explain why she's like a positive person but she's not actually a positive person.

Me: I don't know why we talk like that, but that’s the deal. I say “like” a lot too so you must think I’m like, a real idiot?

Seedmother: What is the correct punctuation to like, use? Then do we actually use it? Or, like use it? What's it like? Is it like, like or just like? I think I'll take a drive down the LikeLike highway and try to find out. In Hawaii, Princess Likelike (pronounced Leekayleekay) has a road like, named after her.

Me: Like, if you don't like it then like, use another word. But you'll soon see that we are more likely to get along with others if we look for our likenesses instead of like, being difficult.

Seedmother: I'm like, standing corrected!

Me: Like its ok. Just don't like let it happen again. I just really need to be liked right now.