Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rest assured great thinkers of both past and present. We now know the ultimate test for measuring reality.

Charlie: Mom what’s real?

Me: I don’t know Charlie. Is your imaginary friend Luke real?

Charlie: I don’ know. I think he might be just pretend.

Me: Evidence my boy, perhaps the answer lies in evidence.
If there’s enough evidence then I say to myself, maybe this could be real.

Charlie: Well, you know what I do?

Me: Nope.

Charlie: I just say to myself, is someone driving this spaceship or is this thing on?


seedmother said...

Sounds like a pretty bright boy you have there with a more than cogent grasp of "a reality". That's smart to consider more than one POV! Kids do it naturally until we discourage them from their intuitions. What does Luke think?

Monica's Blog said...

Lol........Luke is consumed with obtaining more cookies. He works soley as an advocate for all things sweet in life.