Saturday, May 17, 2008

How much you wanna bet Barack Obama wishes for the same thing during his debates with Hillary Clinton?

The other night we had Riley over for dinner. Riley is Charlie’s bestest friend in the entire world.

Me: Okay guys. What do you wish for?

Riley: I wish I could run faster than anyone.

Me: I wish the war would end.

Husband: I wish the economy were better.

Charlie: Ummm.

Me: Just make a wish Charlie…it is simple.

Charlie: Uhhhh.

Me: Perhaps you are over thinking this one son. Just close your eyes and say it. C’mon now.

Charlie: Ummm.

Me: Good Grief.

Charlie: Okay!

Me: Well?

Charlie: I really wish I could burp fire.

Me: That is very diplomatic of you son.

Okay? A tear. That’s my boy.


Katrina said...

Well who wouldn't want to burp out fire? Sounds good to me, just not in my general direction. ;o)

Becky said...

I can't see my guy Barack burping. So maybe he would just want to BREATHE fire. In her direction. I sure wish I could.

Card Collector said...

That needs to be an SNL skit.

csm said...

If I could burp fire many more of the arguments that I have had would have end much more satisfactorily for me.

coreydbarbarian said...

while it would be cool to burp fire, i wonder how much fire-retardant lip gloss you'd have 2 buy?

another thought: ever been to the theatre and eaten too much popcorn, thus getting the dreaded "popcorn burps"? if it's really illegal to yell fire in a crowded theatre, then it's prolly also illegal to belch fire.

final thought: if my bestest friend could belch fire, i would want to run faster than anyone, too!