Thursday, May 1, 2008

There Will Be Blood.

Grandma stopped by today to see the kids and not five minutes after she arrived Charlie stubbed his toe on the coffee table. It was the drama of the year.
I gave it two thumbs WAY up. Riveting performance by the cast. Charlie was mesmerizing. Tears. Screaming. Snot. The only thing missing was narration by Morgan Freeman.

Charlie crying, "Ohhhh. Maaaaaaaa. Gawwwwwwwwd!"

Grandma rushes over to him so the revival can begin, "Oh my word! Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot! Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot!"

And right about now I’m thinking, boy am I glad he didn’t hurt his heel cause THAT would be annoying. I immediatley try to calm him down and I do this by explaining things. I know, I know, what the hell is wrong with me?

"You are fine. Remember that book we read? About how the body is full of millions and millions of blood cells? Wasn’t that interesting?"


"There, there, try not to get hysterical. Here, lets put this towel on your foot. Oh, you know what? I bet the platelets are hard at work trying to stop the bleeding. Isn’t the body amazing Charlie?"

Grandma now kneeling, "Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot! Oh Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot!"

Charlie is still a wreck at this point with the mixture of blood, snot, and tears (hey isn’t that an album or something?).

Charlie: Blah-oooooooooood!

"Yes. I know. And remember how those tiny little platelets work? They are helping to stop the bleeding even as we speak. Isn’t that cool? I bet you when I lift up this towel the bleeding will have already stopped. Would you like to see?"

And as I go to lift the towel Grandma is getting faster with her prayers. She now sounds similiar to a steam engine, “Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot, Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot, Dear Jesus heal Charlie’s foot, Whoo-Hooo!”

And somewhere between the prayers and my explanation, the bleeding stopped.
I think the real "miracle" is how I manage to survive the day with these people. They are CRA-HAY-ZEE people I tell ya. CRA-HAY-ZEE.

If your kids want the cool book about blood it's here. colorful graphics, lots of fun science facts. And the next time they get hurt they know what's going on because kids are all about keepin' it real yo'.


sugarmagnolia said...

ooh, thanks for the link, that book series looks great.

and i hope you enjoyed the texas caviar salad!

Godless Sunday said...

IT was INCREDIBLE. So easy to make!

womaninawindow said...

I think it was the praying that healed his foot. I bet, I bet, I bet! (Just kidding ya.)

Whit said...

My four-year-old loves all things bone and blood. I think it's kind of gross