Monday, June 9, 2008

Consumer Alert!

Betty Crocker Super Creamy Chocolate Home Style Cake with frosting may secretly be disguising itself as a dessert but it’s not. It's really a laxative. I think they should consider renaming their product so as not to falsely disillusion us to its potential. Here are a few suggestions.

Chocolate Colon Blast Cake
Orderly Mandatory Evacuation Cake
Stay Close to Home style Cake
Home style Hoop Burn Cake

And as I stepped out of the bathroom, sweat drenched with tears running down my face, my son was right there to greet me.

“Alright! Good Job Mommy! High Five!”

I mean clearly successful trips to the bathroom are rewarded with high fives, right? This is especially true when you live with two little boys. I guess I wasn't feeling very accomplished at this particular juncture in my oh-so thrilling life. But, I cannot expect him to understand that. So as I walked past him, he was clearly perturbed that I left him hanging.

Whatever. You stinkin’ girl!” He yelled as he ran down the hallway giggling.

Now whether or not he meant that to be taken literally I’ll never know because by then I was already headed back to whence I came.

p.s. Any and all suggestions are welcome for renaming the product. I plan on having a letter drafted to Ms. Crocker by close of business today. I'll include a few flow charts (so to speak) just to drive home the point.


womaninawindow said...

Man, a day in the life... Your place sounds like fun, if a little stinky.

Card Collector said...

Betty Crocker Head to the Crapper Cake? said...

Betty Crapper sounds good- or state you were cake raped down the chocolate highway. Excuse my vulgar thoughts~ Feel better!

Godless Sunday said...


Sunny said...

Oh no!I am sorry that chocolate cake is getting a bad rap.(or other things that rhyme with rap)
Betty Crocker Enema Delux Cake?
Home Style Clyster Cake?
Super Creamy Collywobble Cake?

Godless Sunday said...

Super Creamy Collywobble Cake is cracking me up right now. Collywobble?!? Collywobble!

Scary Mommy said...

I have to tell you how refreshing your blog is. I keep feeling duped by cool named blogs, only to find highly religious, prim and proper bible preaching sites.

Not that there's anything wrong with it... But...just not my cup of tea. I like it here, thank you very much.

jt said...

Leave it to a kid to point out your smell. My kids seem to love it when I fart or do something that merits the attention of the prize squad :)

Susiewearsthepants said...

Oh no, that definitely sounds like personal experience talking. I like the one Card Collector suggested the best.

AliBlahBlah said...

Sort of related, my husband has renamed those 'meal boxes' they give, sorry, sell you on United Airlines these days the 'Constipation Classic' and the 'Enema Experience'.

You could always call the cake 'chocolate thunder'!!

Godless Sunday said...

Aliblahblah: Winner! I'm sending you a box of Homestyle Chocolate Thunder.